Marketing Works Wonders on my Wallet

First off, I want to say how lovely it is to get emails from people asking me why I don't post more. It's nice to know people want to hear what I have to say, even if it's mostly elaborate lies to seem more exciting. Especially the bits about my parents -- ALL LIES.

I post infrequently these days because my posting time is cut down by working time. I have complained about this before but for some reason by boss uses the words "unemployment" and "breadline" every time I bring up paring down the work load. I'm hoping that since the magazine has just gone out for October I will have more to write about than just photo resolution and CMYK.

Second, I'd like to announce that we are officially Apple users now. We have joined the cult that is owning a Mac machine and later on tonight we will sacrifice a virgin to the almighty Steve Jobs. That's what you have to do when you join a cult.

We bought the iMac, the most unnecessary piece of pretty technology ever, for The Husband's birthday. I think Macs are proof that marketing, as well as form (over function, although the functions seem great, as much as I hate to admit it) win and that people will pay heavily for a piece of it. I have owned PCs all my life and now having a Mac in the house is like having a new puppy to play with. You can have other dogs all your life, but a new puppy has a personality all it's own that you have to learn to live with, even when it pisses on the carpet.

We have owned iPods for the last billion years with the rest of society and dinosaurs, but investing this much time and anticipation into a computer is a little too much for my cynical side. Will it be so fantastic that I have to restrain every cell in my body from throwing The Husband out of his birthday chair and taking control of the wireless mouse and the wireless, silver keyboard and playing all night until I became one of those weird people who never leave their computers and only drink Redbull?

I can't help but really love it, though. I love the smell, I love the look, I love how sleek it is and most of all I love how The Husband thought it was necessary for us to own one even though we already own a computer, one I got for my birthday almost two years ago.

The way he spoils me it's a wonder I'm so level-headed.

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