Meet Ms. February

This side of the world has these wondrous things called BANK HOLIDAYS. They are holidays given for no good reason, usually over the "summer", on the first Monday of the month. There are no names attached to them, like "I'm Not Fecking Going to Work Day" or "Thank Goodness We Were in That War Day". They are just days we get off because we like to be at home so we can watch the rain fall outside our windows and watch Oprah and Dr. Phil without using holiday time.

This bank holiday this Monday I plan on engaging myself in some Mario Kart fun. We got this game the day it came out here in Ireland (which was before the US. Yes, saying that does make me feel good.) and we have been playing it constantly. This, I am told, is much better for you than going outside to breathe fresh air and exercise. My wrists have had an incredible workout. Look for me in the 2012 Olympics in London.

Oh, and I look super-hot in the pink jumpsuit, so I'm sure there will be calendar to follow.

Bub will be Mr. September, the sexiest month of all. (He has since gotten a haircut.)

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Liz in Dublin