Mister Man loses his first fight.

There are a few things that run through your head when your child hurts himself.
1. OMG is he okay?
2. How do I make the pain go away? and,
3. Will he sleep through the night?

Today James got into a fight with a walker at creche. He fought. With his face.

At least that's what it looks like. A huge bruised and blooded bottom lip on this normally sweet boy. I got the call at 5.02 on the train ride home.

"Liz, we had an accident. Well, James had an accident. You see, he fell and cut his lip. A bit. There is a little blood. He's grand, though. But his lip is bleeding. Not a bother on him. It is bleeding. Give a call but I'll see you in a little while anyway."

I'm shocked she didn't throw in one extra "HIS LIP IS SQUIRTING BLOOD" so I could really hyperventilate.

The thing is -- stuff like this doesn't phase me. A split lip is unfortunate, and it seems he hit a tooth too so I'm going to have to keep an eye on that to make sure it doesn't need to be pulled, but him being bumped and bruised does not freak me out as much as something wrong on the inside where I can't see and assess it myself.

As with any child, he falls. A lot. This could also be attributed to his incredibly clumsy gene pool. My mother once broke a toe because she walked into a display case in a grocery store. I once broke a toe because I walked into Bub. I once fell in the middle of Fifth Avenue on an incredibly beautiful, sunny Saturday before Easter. Even the person I was with shook his head in disbelief. Could a person be that uncoordinated that they just fall, out of no where? Yes. Yes, they can.

I'm hoping that Mister Man didn't inherit our ability to find ourselves vertical at any given chance. So far, though, it's not looking very promising. He once tried to take down a glass door with his head. The door won. I lost because I had a panicked and worried Bub on my hands who could not help but call the nurseline to make sure our son's brains would not spill out his ears. Does he call the nurseline when his leg is swollen and he has a temp after his vaccinations? No. Those times I'm just being ridiculous. However, a bump on the head and we should probably get the fire department in. They fix everything.

Another time Mister Man picked something up off the floor and put it straight into his mouth. When I heard the crunching sound I scooped him up to get it out only to freak him out and cause him to gasp and inhale the foreign item.

What was the one thing the pulmonologist told me before we left her office in America? DO NOT LET HIM EAT SMALL ITEMS AND GET THEM LODGED HIM HIS THROAT. EASY PEASY. We're going to pretend I didn't roll my eyes and whisper "Duh" as I walked out the door.

I called emergency services because while he was screaming and crying, he was gasping for breath as well. By the time the EMT arrived on the scene Mister Man has swallowed the item and was playing happily on the floor with his balance boat. The EMT looked him over, listened to the chest and had a feel of tummy and told us that it would come out the other end in a few days. We never did find out what he ate.

But through all of these times the thing hot in my brain after 'OMG, is he okay?' and 'How do I make the pain go away?' is the ever important 'Will he sleep through the night?' He managed with the glass/head problem and the experimental food debacle. With every single bump and bruise this child has acquired he has been a big boy and slept at night without much issue.

This time, with the busted lip, we have a problem. None of them took away his precious thumb that he sticks instantly into his mouth when he cries, or wants to sleep, or wakes up in the night. Yes, it's a bad habit but not one I'm worried about at the moment and if it makes him happy, it makes me happy. Now, though, he has no thumb. His swollen lip hurts when he sticks it in.

He's asleep now, but I wait. I have a feeling we are in for a long night.

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