More questions for the internet: breaking up.

So, I have a problem.

Well, it's not a problem. It isn't a phone-hacking scandal or a debt ceiling crisis. It's just a boring, middle-class problem that will probably earn a few eye-rolls but bear with me.

My hair guy. I've spoke about him before on here and how I love him, maybe a few years ago. Well, I still go to the same guy after six years even though his shop has moved three times and his hours tend to be a little hard to follow. I like what he does with my hair every time. I don't think I have ever come away from his shop with a bad cut and, while I'm there, he is attentive and funny and chatty and I like it.

Lately, though… sigh. It started when I wanted to go Florence Red. He was all about me going Florence Red but wasn't into just bucking up and doing it all in one day. Even though I had given prior warning that this would be my request, he wasn't in the mood to strip my hair and recolour it and, since it would take about four hours alone to do that, and I wasn't in the mood to sit in a chair that long either, I went with it. He said it would be a progression from dark brown to bright, Florence Red and I was okay with that. Possibly seemed healthier for my hair, too, so who was I to argue?

Red. I mean red. Hot, amirite?

During this time he would also tell me how he would happily cut Mister Man's hair. I showed him pictures of my son's head and after he recoiled in disgust he said he would gladly cut it.

So, I rang to make an appointment for James and left a message. This has never been a problem before; he always calls back within a day. This time, though, I didn't hear a thing for two weeks. I rang again because the hair was now out of control, he finally rang back after three days and we made the appointment. All was well, Mister's hair is still looking good and I figured this was a once off.

Except, it wasn't. I rang on Wednesday to make an appointment for early next week and heard nothing back. I rang again on Friday and still heard nothing back. I finally rang again about an hour ago to see if I could catch him in the shop since I know he opens at 10 and he picked up the phone. After a bit of toing and froing, we decided on an appointment for Tuesday at five.

Him: What do you want to have done?
Me: Cut and colour, the norm.
Him: Oh, you want both. (weird silence) Fine. See you then.

So, what should I do? Should I break up with my hair guy and move on? Should I chalk it up to some bad personal stuff lately and give him time to work it out? As I said, he's never ever given me hair-regret but I've been a consistent customer for six years and I expect a little less 'tude and a little more 'can't wait to see you' when I call to make an appointment. Maybe I'm being high-maintenance?

Tell me, my friends, what would you do?

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Liz in Dublin