More questions for the internet: resisting the urge to kill cats.

Now that I have your attention, let me state that I in no way intend to kill cats. I understand that most people think they are cuddly and lovely and should be worshipped. I personally don't feel the same way, but I don't want any to die by my hand.

I might think about it, though.

We have a new garden. I wanted to do a whole post about the evolution of our garden, but I was planning on waiting until the spring when the flowers would be in bloom and the trees had some leaves. I'll still post photos them, but, for now, know that I am thinking about kitty-slaughter because we paid money for our garden to be nice again. It went from a gravel covered, overgrown jungle to a finely manicured place for us to hang out with Mister Man when the weather is warm. We have grass now. Real, green grass that was rolled out and meticulously placed by a man who took a large chunk of our pay packet for the privilege.

One week into having our new garden and there are holes in it from cats. Large holes and torn up new sod. I've seen these two cats in our garden before, when it wasn't a cat's playland but just a place for them to pass through. Now I see them at the back of the garden by our fence and they are digging. And then I yell and charge at them with a cup of water which makes them run away, but doesn't stop them from coming back.

Internet, how do I stop the cats from coming back and digging up my garden?

We've done a little bit of googling which has told us to either a. lay chicken-wire, b. spray them with water, or c. poison them. A doesn't exactly encourage growth of the grass or the plants around it, B involves me sitting outside all night with a super-soaker, and C is just plain cruel, but is by far the most attractive right now.

Talk me off the ledge and give me some good ideas. Apparently there might be powders you can sprinkle on everything to keep the cat away but, again, I'm nervous about accidentally killing them and having Mister play in it.

Any help would earn you two new cats. I'll mail them myself if I can catch them.

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Liz in Dublin