Must charge my iPod up for another afternoon of gouging.

Driving in Dublin city centre is a really bad idea. The traffic is always backed up, there are too many people and too little roads, there is no where to park and if you do find a space it costs €2.50 an hour, and it has to be said -- most Dublin drivers are complete crap. So it's suggested that you do not drive to work, but instead take the very reliable Dublin public transport system.

Now, if you know me at all, you know I don't really like being near people. That sounds very reclusive, but in general I don't like crowded spaces, I don't like people touching me and I don't like it when someone has sat in the same dirty seat I have but you got on a train/bus/tram and about a billion people have sat in that seat and the very thought makes me dry heave, not to mention the children. There are always small, crying children on public transport when I get on it and it makes me never want to reproduce AND gouge the parent's eyes out with the only thing I have handy, my iPod. BUT, I put up with it because I know the alternative is bad for the city, bad for the environment and most importantly, bad for my wallet.

So, everyday I first get on a Luas and go to Connelly station. THEN, from Connelly I get on a DART to my final destination. I don't take the bus because, well, ew. To go these 5.5 kilometres (which is a distance I can't actually interpret but it sounds like a small amount so just assume it is) it takes me about an hour from my door to the office. Personally, I think that's insane but whatever. Everyone else has to do it too.

But today, today it took me about THREE HOURS to get into work. Three hours because we took down some overhead lines. Nothing big, just the OVERHEAD LINES. Small stuff, really. Our driver actually kept trying to move the train regardless of the lines being on the TOP OF THE TRAIN. When it didn't move after about 20 minutes the driver finally got on the speaker to say "Em...there, eh, might be a delay. We tried to fix it, but nothing so we're bringing people. Sit tight."


And so were about 10000 other people in my carriage all cramped up next to me, sweating because it's about a billion degrees on the train (add that to the list of why I have public transport -- no personalized climate control). So we stood, and stood and stood. Did I mention we stood? Until the next announcement came that said we would be "de-training" onto a train that will soon pull up next to us. About 40 or 50 years later our car finally "de-trains" and heads right back up to the place I started, Connelly Station.

What I want to know is, who is going to pay for my €10 cab ride to work?

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