My good manners will go a long way here.

The south-east end of Dublin is very different from where we used to live in neither a good nor bad way. It's just different. Like our teachers taught us all those years ago; people who are different from you are not good or bad, they are just different. She was wrong, so very, very wrong, but I see how this can apply to a relocation situation.

The people here seem less rushed. I don't know if it's yoga or the proximity to the sea but they let you go first when you're at a crossing in the road, or they excuse themselves after they smack into your arm on the sidewalk. These people are mannered and I don't think it's because they were raised better or are better people, I think it's just because people aren't as hurried, aren't as offended by someone DARING to get in their way. Living in the city, as living in all cities, is just different and now what we don't live there anymore we can see those differences.

People know how much I love public transportation. It's like a meditation session going on simultaneously with about 400 other people who are pressed up closely to my body in ways someone shouldn't be if I don't know their name. Now, my ride is only around 20 -25 minutes on the train which isn't horrible but not fantastic if you are cramped next to a guy who thinks Cool Water is a good idea after the age of 16. Going from South to North, though, has been a much better experience than going the other way. People do move in for others that need to get on the train at other stations, and they do shake their heads, and even sometimes say something, if there is a display of bad manners. Like the kid with the headphones SITTING ON THE FLOOR of the train that I might have yelled at and embarrassed last Wednesday morning for taking up so much damned room when people wanted to move in and go to work. A lot of people shook their head at him after I ridiculed him loudly and publicly.

See, I have fantastic manners, too.

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Liz in Dublin