My live-in designer.

My mom has arrived and is staying for a month. She came here with two objectives:
1. See Mister Man and spoil him rotten
2. Paint my house.

Yup, my mother is going to paint my house. She has been talking about it since she left and while she might act like this is going to be a huge chore (it totally is) you can tell behind the alcohol haze in her eyes that she really is excited about it. Why? Because, as I have said before, I hate decorating.

For example: when we bought the house it had carpets. Ugly, blue carpets that were sort of gross. So, I said, “I hate carpets. We’re going to pull them up and put wood down and a carpet will never enter this house again!” We ended up going for a laminate because I’m not a billionaire (yet.) and this is where my design expertise ended. I knew that I didn’t want carpet. The End.

So, mom swooped in, picked out a sofa, two arms chairs, a tv table, two end tables, three pillows, a hundred sheer curtains and a green throw and VOILA! pretty, yet understated living room. We still need to paint it, get some lamps around and earn a kachillion dollars to constantly have a bouquets of white and green flowers for flair, but I’d be happy to let that all go. It’s a pretty room and was done with minimal effort on her part and about four migraines on mine. Obviously I’m doing something wrong.

I know what I don’t like, but I figuring out what I do like is proving to be a lot harder. I know I hate metallic on anything except kitchen supplies and even then I’d rather go for a fun colour over boring silver. But what do I like? Contemporary? French country? Modern? Minimal? I don’t know. I tend to look at thing and go “Yes, I like this.” while nodding my head for emphasis so people take me seriously. (They rarely do.) However, this usually creates more of a mess than a cohesive look.

So, below I have picked some of my favourite things from around the internet that would likely never make it into my house, but might still stand a chance because my mother has introduced me to the concept of ‘accent colours’. Enjoy.

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