My maturity level stunted 19 years ago. No one is surprised.

A year ago I let this blog know that I used to love Luke Perry with such a passion that I would write him letters asking if he would come to my house and hang out with me. I once even wrote a letter to the whole cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 begging them to come to my pool party. They didn’t come. They didn’t even send a fruit basket. I blame Brenda.

And now, 18 years later, I can be found on the couch every Monday night at 9pm watching 90210. The new 90210. Brenda and Brandon are replaced with Annie and Dixon. Cindy and Jim are now Debbie and Harry and Kelly is, well, still Kelly. This is supposed to be West Beverly High 20 years later and for the most part it is -- it seems the parts of the cast are appropriately covered. A sweet girl, a bitchy girl, the hot guy, the sensitive, hardworking son. All accounted for. They even wear lycra.

But these kids are dealing with things that would have made Donna blush (and remember Donna was the drunk one). From episode one they are discussing sex and drugs like it’s no big deal. There is a stint in rehab and a teenage pregnancy and no one bats a beautifully mascara’ed eyelash. They even curse and say things out loud that in my late-twenties I still wouldn't utter, like this gem:

“Yes, George, I was at the gynecologist, who told me to remind you to keep your vagina clean.”

Did she just say vagina? Somewhere Steve Sanders just passed out. He would at least have said, “Her, uh, you know.” Much more age appropriate and I don’t blush when I hear it in front of my mother.

In 1990 none of these things were a running story-line, they were all touched on but at the most it made one episode only to be cleaned up by the end, with everyone learning the valuable lesson that sex/drugs/rock and roll is not for the cool, popular kids and Dylan McKay (I love you) will not like you if you go and drink in the woods with your friends. In 2009, the popular girl sleeps around and her best friend has a major drug problem AND is knocked up. Double-trouble. All this magic by episode 13. It took Andrea and the gang at least three years to cover stuff this good.

I like it, though. I can’t help it. I like being back at West Beverly High and seeing the revamped Peach Pit. I like that the characters are so open about their very adult problems and wear designer labels I only discovered in my twenties and will not own until well into my forties. Hell, there is even a girl who runs a WBHH gossip vlog and an alcoholic grandmother. Can this show be anymore relatable to today's youth? I think not.

If only Luke Perry made an appearance I would ditch my love for this guy and start writing to Dylan Luke again. But this time, they'll be emails. Rob Estes would be proud.

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