New home-owner questions for the interwebs.

We're in the house. It's big, and sort of cold, and there is one smelly bathroom that I just can't figure out but we're in and we're so freaking happy that I'm pretty sure we could bottle the happiness, sell the rest, build a new bathroom with the profits and have more than enough happiness left for ourselves.

However, the smelly bathroom is really bothering me.

It's the en suite to Mister Man's room so I think it's irking me more than any other weird, smelly bathroom would have. We cannot fathom what is causing the smell. There are no leaks, all the walls seem dry, and none of them contain mold. The adjacent bathroom that is the guest room en suite doesn't have any smell in it at all so if there was a massive leak in the walls, you'd smell it there, too. I even sprayed the shower down with bleach just in case any was hiding and still the smell remains.

Today, I left the fan on all day, the windows open and I am hoping the smell magically disappears. I think I'm being a tad optimistic.

So, I'm putting this out there hoping someone has had a similar experience and can help. A run down:
Neither the shower nor the toilet have been used in months
The smell is musty and heavy but for some reason Bub can't smell it at all
I can't see any mold
The adjacent bathroom doesn't share this smell, but instead smells like success.

Any ideas?

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Liz in Dublin