New Year's Resolutions 2013

Last year I made two resolutions; one I completed and the other I pretty much failed at miserably. My poor teeth, right? However, my happy dentist!

This year, I am once again going to make a few resolutions, however, they are more continuation of lifestyle changes that I have already made. I'm sort of cheating at the resolutions game but I've always been that person who hides a few extra hundreds in her sleeves when playing Monopoly, ifyouknowwhatImean.

In short, don't play board games with me.

Anyway, on 30 July, I decided that if we were going to Florida in 2013 for a special trip to Disney World then I wasn't going to be uncomfortably squeezed into a plane seat for the millionth time. I wasn't going to huff and puff around the parks. I would post the pictures of our family here with the man mouse himself without being embarrassed. In short, I needed to get my shit together and lose this weight.

I had lose weight in the past but then became pregnant and had Mister Man. Em... that was four years ago. FOUR. I have had baby weight on my body for four years. Baby weight and then some. So, on that day in July I was thinking about our holiday and said that was enough. I went to weight watchers and stepped on the scale and started writing down everything that enters my mouth.

Five months and two days later I am down 47 pounds.

My first resolution is to keep this up. I know that after the holidays I will have gained but I have accepted that. I promise myself that I will go back to WW on Thursday, I will write everything down and I will continue buy clothes in smaller and smaller sizes because itfeels so fucking good when I get into them.

I'm such a cliche, right?

My second resolution is to update this site every two days. That's it. Pictures, thoughts on current events, maybe even updates on the first resolution. Get ready because my mundane life is coming at 'cha!

Happy new year, everyone. I hope it's a successful 2013.


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