New Year's Resolutions 2014

I'm sitting here watching The Sound of Music with my mom, dad and little family myself because no one else loves this film like I do. I have promised myself that I would sit down with Transatlantic and finish it before my Christmas holidays are over but here I sit, on my laptop writing this while watching Captain VonTrapp tell Fräulein Maria that he loves her in the gazebo with the singing. I am the worst with sticking to a plan.

Which leads me into the subject matter: my new year's resolutions. Last year I set out to do two things:

  1. Continue to lose weight and eat well; and
  2. Update this blog every two days.

Just like in 2012, I was successful with one resolution and failed with the other. That's okay. I did not update this blog even every two months but I did lose another 60 pounds. And that's with a Disney vacation and three weeks in the US slapped right in the middle. It's nearly a miracle I didn't gain it all back.

So, here are my two three! resolutions for 2014:

  1. Continue losing weight. That's it. Stick to it because I've seen the benefits of losing the weight of an entire teenager over 17 months.
  2. Take a photo of James every day. With his fifth birthday happening in less than a week, I am becoming more and more aware that he will only be small and sweet for a limited time and I'll appreciate this resolution this time next year when I can look back on how much he has grown.
  3. Edit: I forgot this resolution in the excitement of the VonTrapps escaping Austria Devote 10 whole minutes to learning French every day. Sometime early last year I started learning French on Duolingo. I kept up with it for a few weeks but ultimately forgot about it. However, after seeing Apple name the Duolingo app the app of the year, I have decided to give it another go. I probably need more than ten minutes a day to actually learn the language properly, but it can't hurt, right?

All that said, this Christmas holiday I have partaken in the Butler's Chocolate Experience and have eaten my current weight in cheese. Maybe if I finally (at 5pm) take the first day's photo I'll feel better.

Wish me luck.

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