Nine months on.

Taken in Sandycove and at home, between 26 September and 5th October

Weight: TBA
Height: TBA
Adjusted Age: 33 weeks.

Is moving himself around on his belly like a snake. I'm convinced he could get around the world like this and just might never walk because, hey, why not slither?
Had his first Irish fry. Mushed.
Taking swimming lessons.
Waves goodbye to fictional characters on the TV. Looks blankly when mama leaves the room.
Pulling up to a standing position with people.

Has zero interest in crawling and we can officially label him a "late crawler", you know, if he ever actually crawls.
HATES swimming lessons. The first one was great, second was less so. Third was a near disaster and the fourth, well, he's THAT kid.
Is becoming more and more frustrated with his inability to move freely. Expresses this with tantrums.

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