Note to self: Child not a baked good.

I'm struggling with the whole "mom" thing. I don't think this is a surprise. Many women struggle being a first-time mother. Some even struggle with being a second and third-time mother. It's by far the hardest job I have ever had. It is much harder than being a lifeguard (job ages 14 - 17, summer), a video store clerk (age 18) a boutique store sale assistant (ages 18 - 21) and even a merchandiser (age 23 - 24). It IS much like working at a bakery (age 16, winter). You have to reluctantly get out of bed very early in the morning to put frozen bagels in an oven except now the bagels screams, cries and wets itself. He also becomes very pissy if you try to put him in an oven.

However, there have definitely been some "ups" to being a mommy to Mister Man. The way he looks around the room, even though I know he can only see shadows and bright colors at his young age of four weeks, amazes me. He picks his head off of the play-mat during tummy time with such determination that my chest just wells with pride. He has such a sweet demeanor that I dare anyone to not fall in love with him immediately. And if anyone out there tells me that I'm slightly biased they'll get a punch in the mouth.

Yesterday Mister Man and I both had a first - an Irish snow day. Snow stuck to the ground and coated everything white in the early morning hours. By the time we were out of the house for our daily walk to the village much of it was melted but some still lingered on roofs and I had hoped it would accumulate again on the ground because the snow was still falling fast. Unfortunately, this morning our village woke up with no snow, only rain. I'm glad I got these few pictures to mark our first snow day.

Brief hope that the afternoon snow will stick.

Mister Man and his Geema

All photos taken 2 Feb 2008, South County Dublin.

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