One little device from a guy in my bathroom fixes all my woes.

In five days we go home to the US and even though I professed my renewed love for Ireland in my last post, I can't say this holiday away isn't welcome. I'm tired of working. I'm sick and tired of working. I usually find my job rewarding, as I know I have done a good job and that my work is being appreciated. And then there are days where an 9am massacre isn't out of the question because my boss decided to speak to me before my brain could even focus on the fact that I was back in the office and I don't get to watch The Queen of Daytime Television EVERY DAY. I'm sure in the US it's considered a crime to miss Oprah on a daily basis. How could we survive without our intake of Dr. Oz and his inappropriate touching? Or Oprah and her inability to to stop herself from declaring everything a miracle every FOUR SECONDS? Piano playing? Miracle. Good side swept bangs? Miracle. Pooping? Miracle.

Luckily I don't have to because we FINALLY have cable television. It only took about five or six years. Seriously. What was the hold up? And why did two men have to come to set this up when the one guy did all the setting up and the other just went to the bathroom? Why are you now having awful thoughts about the guy in my bathroom? Sicko.

Our cable came with a dvr which is so awesome I can't stand it. I rewind shows, I fast forward through commericals. I now "own" Reality Bites because it was on Film Four and if I didn't record it I thought I was going to die. Not having seen this movie in about 10 years, seriously, made me suddenly NEED to see Ethan Hawke get all angsty for Winona Ryder and sing that mean, yet catchy song where he propositions her in front of her new boyfriend and then she storms out of the club and my life has not been that melodramtic since I was 14 and all I have for drama is my AWESOME DVR.

Yes, I know it's not tivo. We don't have tivo. Because this is Ireland. We don't even have the iPhone or indoor tiolets. And two of the above are true -- try to guess which ones. Hard, huh?

But do you know what the dvr gives me every day? OPRAH. And Dr. Oz touching OPRAH in places she probably doesn't like. Quality stuff.

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