Pants are optional in our house.

I mentioned in the last growth post (admittedly, that sounds like I have some medical growth and not a child who is growing) that Mister Man says "Tada!" I received emails from people telling me how adorable this is and kids can be so funny and James is awesome and that I'm the best mother in the world. All of those are true except the last one but I'm good at reading between the lines.

Right here, for your viewing pleasure, is James saying Tada! except it's more like Da! He could be saying "yes" in Russian, having sympathies with the communist movement that is steadily growing every day in eastern Europe. However, if you know anything about me at all, you'd know I'd hit that right in the head waaaaahay before he broke out the Manifesto at bedtime.

There is also an accompanying action that goes with Da! which makes me laugh every time. I swear this kid is the weirdest. Weirdest and cutest.

Also, he has no pants on. Pants are always optional. Viewer beware.

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