Pregnancy, now with internet access.

I have been away. Not somewhere exotic or peaceful. I haven't been skiing in the Alps or rock climbing in New Zealand. From the 27th of November until the 5th of December I was in the US but I went, had a fabulous time and then came home without a problem.

So, where have I been for the past month? The Coombe Women's and Infants Hospital. Why have I been here? Because my child is going to be the second coming and this much fuss over him is justified.

A woke up on the 11th bleeding. I know that's very "EW, LIZ, SHUT UP" but seriously, this stuff happens. I have a very fussy stomach but this is a fact of life. Sometimes women bleed out of their hoo-haas. And sometimes it's not a good thing. In my case, being 31 weeks pregnant, it wasn't a good thing. We went off to the hospital where I was admitted for a night. The bleeding stopped and I was told to go home and take it easy. I took it easy. I wrote my Christmas cards, I watched The X Factor, I ate Chinese food. I was perched on the couch like a Buddha in stretchy pants. And then I woke up the next morning bleeding. I should have just gone spelunking like I had originally planned.

That was the 14th of December. And I'm still here. I have since had another significant bleed where they thought an emergency c-section had to happen. Then it didn't happen because my body was so terrified at the thought of being cut open that I just STOPPED BLEEDING. THEN, my water broke because I'm carrying a child the size of Godzilla. At 33 weeks he was weighing 5.8lbs. The week before he was weighing 4.8lbs. He is gaining a pound a week and when something like that plays bouncy ball on your amniotic sac, something has got to give and with a large gush, it did.

So, here I sit in my twin bed, in a room with three other women who are also having pregnancy complications. I'm leaking water (which fills up all the time, you just don't run out -- WHO KNEW?), sometimes bleeding, trying to entertain myself with magazines, bad TV and a Young Adult's book series. Yesterday Bub went out and bought me mobile internet to keep me occupied on these long, boring days.

Since I have no deadlines, no work projects and nothing else in life to do but INCUBATE, I have a feeling this blog can be updated more regularly. I was told by my doctor to just get to week 34. Well, that's tomorrow and I'm quite proud of myself and James. Now to get to week 36. And you never know, I could include pictures soon.

2 weeks and counting.

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