Put your pants on, we're coming to visit.

Bank holidays -- they are amazing. What’s better than having a day off of work for no reason whatsoever? Not a lot, that’s for sure. We had a bank holiday this past weekend. People who live in Dublin tend to go away to the country during the bank holidays and people from the country come to Dublin. It’s like a big house exchange where only the grumpy ones are left behind to grumble at the dirty city/country people.

We were two people that left to go down to my in-law’s country house in County Wexford. I would tell you how beautiful it is, and how great it is to get out into the fresh air, but of course it rained this past weekend so I didn't see any of that. Yes, we did have a two day reprieve from the downpours last week but this weekend it started up again so any description I could really give would be "fecking wet". That’s complaining about the weather the polite, yet aggressive, way.

The country really is gorgeous though and while I’m down there we always take a look in the windows of the real estate offices to see if there are any properties that we could buy 2 HOURS AWAY FROM DUBLIN without going into massive amounts of debt. My parents always taught me that debt is bad and that’s pretty instilled into me. It’s only third worst to going to community college and joining the army. This could be the reason I was having panic attacks while waiting for my college acceptance letters but I try not to hold a grudge.

Looking in the windows we find a few properties but all completely out of our price range. Now, I think it takes some giant cajones to list your house for half a mil when your neighbor on one side is a cow and on the other the slaughter house. While this house is lovely, I want there to be more than "privacy" and a gazebo purchased at B&Q; for that price and the over-crowded stone beach doesn’t cover it. This house is adorable if you’re a cat lady but still the price is over €500,000. That’s $772,075.18. For a bungalow. Two hours away from Dublin. In the middle of nowhere.

Maybe I'm completely behind the times in the housing market and I should expect to pay that for a house a million miles away from anywhere worth the time, but until I cop on, it looks like we'll be living in our reasonably rented apartment in Dublin and retreating to the wet country-side only to invade someone else's house.

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