Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Keats described this time of year the best in To Autumn. It is absolutely my favourite season of the entire year, trumping the new buds of spring and even the heat (heat? what heat?) of the summer. I think I might have mentioned this a few times over the years.

I love the memories of going back to school and sitting at my desk at home under my window and seeing the night fall as I did my homework.

I love the feeling that Christmas is around the corner.


This is the season that probably holds my best memories as a kid and a semi kid (young adult), and even now as an adult.

Last autumn I watched a lot of CBeebies. Iggle Piggle is on this channel, as well as some other characters that haunt my dreams to this day. They have a song a season and it's the one thing I loved -- it cancelled out of all of other garbage that I apparently have no issue with my child watching. Just because it's the BBC doesn't mean it's worth watching! Anyway, James and I would dance and James would laugh and then, if by some miracle it wasn't raining, we'd go for a walk in the changing leaves.

I have no idea what song they have for the autumn season this year, but I will always enjoy that one. And now you get to, as well.

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