Seven months on.

Taken at home, 6th and 8th August

(Because of the amount of adorable that this month's picture presented I had to include more than usual. I'm sure you understand.)

Weight: 19+ pounds (last weighed 29 July at 19 pounds even).
Height: 28.5+ inches (last measured 29 July)
Adjusted age: 26 weeks, 1 days.

Rolls from belly to back, going ONLY to the left, consistently.
Sits on his own for more than 10 - 15 seconds before face-planting.
Finds a tremendous amount of joy in most of his toys, now. Namely, if he can fit it into his mouth, it's a winner.
Has curly-q. Turns people into puddles. (See below)

Teething is bothering him. We assume it's the top teeth and they are biggest so understandably more painful. When they come in we're all having a steak to celebrate.
Naps less. Sometimes considerably less. As in, sometimes not at all.
Has discovered lungs and how to use them. I suppose this is good and bad -- he's learning how to make sounds, brill. He's learning to make those sounds loudly, not so brill.

Just a note: Month eight will be written from the US! That's right, Liz and Baby in Dublin are making their first transcontinental flight together at the end of August. Wish us luck!

Aforementioned Curly-Q

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