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I have been meaning to post another Great Irish Thing since I said I would months ago after my sister-in-law asked if I liked living here and I said yes and genuinely meant it. I have had several things in mind since making that first post but I haven't been able to say why I liked certain Irish "things" so much. What is so special about Dunnes Stores, anyway, you know? Or a billion days of rain?

Every year BBC does a telethon called Children in Need. Obviously it raises money for children in need. To be honest, I don't know much about it. I have never donated to it and I likely never will since it's a British charity. I have nothing against British charities but I have think of a few American or Irish charities I would rather contribute to. That may sound harsh, but Planned Parenthood, your check is in the mail.

The BBC has a tendency to make cute videos with celebrities for their bi yearly charity drives (the other is Comic Relief -- something the US used to do and then... just didn't anymore that I know of). In 2007 they did this one which combined a song beloved the world over, incredibly inappropriate characters from a TV show and child cartoon characters. I laughed for weeks and every time we watched did Bub would yell out "DUSTY BIN!"

So, this year for Children in Need they put together a medley of songs sung by some of the UK's (and the US's, I'm sure) favorite cartoon characters. I understand that this isn't exactly a Great Irish Thing, but it's a great thing from this side of the ocean. That counts.

If you don't have kids this might not be as entertaining to you as it is to us, but enjoy, nonetheless.

BBC Children in Need 2009 Single

Edit: I'm embedding and linking to the video since it doesn't view on my blog properly but if you're seeing this in a reader of some sort it will come up properly.


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