Six months on.

Taken at home, 9th and 11th of July

Weight: 18 pounds, 7 ounces
Length:: Long
Adjusted age: 21 weeks

TEETH! TWO TEETH! And they came in out of nowhere overnight. He had no bother at all.
Still absolutely fascinated by his feet. Where are they? What are they doing? What do they taste like?
Puts his soother in his mouth by himself. After a few hundred tries.
Not only has his American passport but now his Irish one, as well. He is truly an "Irish-American".

Still hates tummy time but needs to keep it up until he can at least roll.
Randomly waking up at night after months of sleeping through.
Starting to dislike the bottle but still too young to properly use his sippy cup.

I can't believe six months flew by so fast, and at the same time I still can't believe he is only six month old. Does that make sense? It seems like I have known him my whole life and he should be older. He should be talking to me. He should be taking me out for beers and thanking me for raising him right. Unfortunately, the drinking age in Ireland is 18, not 6 months.

Time has whizzed past us here in a flash. I remember thinking all those months ago in the hospital that he was never going to drink out of a bottle, and then that he would never show interested in toys or sleep properly. And we have surpassed those things completely and on to new and bigger challenges. I just hope he is having as much fun as we are.

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