Smuckers wishes you a happy 100th birthday.

My mother had her 100th birthday yesterday. Over the years the woman has NEVER asked for anything for her birthday. She would say, "Clean your room for my birthday" or "PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD clean your room for my birthday" or "Refill mommy's martini glass for her birthday" but she would never even think to ask for anything material. Maybe it's a mother thing -- you don't want to use up your child's resources with a gift that you'll likely never use even though it was presented with the best intentions, or maybe you just really like endless use of blackmail and guilt.

This year, I did something that shows my true devotion to my mother and didn't cost a penny. She doesn't have to wear it and it's permanently* there so she knows just how much I love her.

Happy birthday, Mom.

*Created with washable ink. Could be felt permanently in her heart.

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