Spreading the Love

Yesterday I was preparing myself for a good long post about the horrible traffic here in Dublin. Normally the traffic in Dublin is so bad that it makes me never want to leave my house for anything. I would be content to live out our days in our tiny apartment eating only cheese and marshmallows if it meant I never had to head out in rush-hour traffic again. The amount of cars, bad driving, poor manners, and just plain old nastiness on the road is enough to never want to venture out again until everyone has a little bit of therapy and a lot of love in their life so they CALM THE HELL DOWN. Just like me.

I was going to illustrate this all very poetically and wittily and you were going to laugh and sympathize and tell me to get rid of the car that I just recently bought brand new with a sunroof and our very own money (the gloriousness of my car will be discussed in a later post, I promise). That was all going to happen until I made it to my mother-in-law’s house in 31 minutes. At 6pm. On a rainy day. When there was an “anti-American planes in Shannon” protest going on. In ONLY 31 MINUTES.

At this point you should understand that having such a smooth, non-traffic-y ride through Dublin is nothing short of a miracle and really there is no reason to make this post at all. I have no complaining to do about Dublin. All the drivers on the road yesterday were polite and charming. The cars were gleaming (even in the rain) and the driving would have made a traffic cop’s eyes well up with tears of joy.

So why am I making a post? Because I feel that being this serene, this much at peace with the driving universe may never happen again no matter what country I might be residing in and I want this much happiness on the (Internet) record.

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