Strawberry love.

I might have mentioned this before, but I might not have because there is nothing I am more afraid of than the wrath of the internets (and whenever you post something about parenting the wrath follows), but I make Mister Man's baby food. I have nothing against store bought food at all, we even use some that we think is fantastic when we are traveling or will be out of the house all day. However, I found it difficult to find a baby food that separates out the different fruits and veggies for first time eaters. If I'm about anything at all, I'm about not making things harder for myself so I weighed my options: make the baby's food OR take the chance of an allergic reaction to something in the mixed food and not know what is the cause. The latter involved a trip to the hospital so the former won out.

I have four molds; one in the shape of squares, one in circles, and two in hearts. This past weekend I decided to make strawberry purée for the first time since Mister Man took so well to kiwi. Without thinking I placed the strawberry into the heart shaped molds and came back to the sweetest looking baby food I had ever seen.

Now Mister Man gets my love for breakfast.

Yes, even I cringed.

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