Ten months on.

I know, I know. This post is nearly 20 days late. Our first sickness infiltrated the house as well as a general sense of time running away with us. Won't happen again, promise.

Weight: No idea
Height: Supertall
Adjusted age: Must I do this math?

Now officially army crawling. And with speed.
Now not only eats finger foods with gusto but now whole large meals that are table food like.
Claps in rhythm with my mother in law's singing. No, for realz.
Actually enjoys his swim lessons now! YAY!

Discovered he doesn't really like raspberries -- officially the first food he hates.
Likes to wake up earlier and napping has become more difficult.
Mama realizes that she has to go back to work in a month.
Likes to move to taking a decent photo is nearly impossible.

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