That baby will be a Wii master

We held our first dinner party this past Saturday for friends who insisted they come over. I know it was really rude of us to not have them over for dinner in the 2 and a half years I have lived here but, just for the record, we live in the SMALLEST APARTMENT EVER. Sure, we have two bedrooms, and two bathrooms, but unless guests want to eat on the toilet and drink out of the sink, we didn't think it was possible to have more than a child under the age of seven in our apartment. The room just isn't there. Once I had four other girls in here and I swear to you there was so much estrogen in the room the husband started growing boobs. True story.

But since they insisted (and rightly so) we moved things about and put books on tables and tables on top of books and then just a whole pile of crap after that and we managed to have a four course meal at the dinner table that my mother insists couldn't have been made my me, even though one of the courses was SALAD. I mean, I know it's not exactly easy to chop up a cucumber but since I have been brain training with Dr. Kawashima I can not only chop up a cucumber, but I can peel and SPELL it as well. WOOHOO!

It was a great night, to be honest, enjoyed all the more by some Wii playing by a woman who is seven months pregnant. I wish I had video. There is nothing better than a good friend who is exhausted and carrying around another person in their body trying to participate in group fun at 10.30 at night. I tip my hat to her.

I was pantsed at tennis by a guy who has only played it once before but my Americanism came through for me when I beat his weak Irish ass at BASEBALL. While singing the Star Spangled Banner. And drinking a Bud. Gripping a rifle.

That is my belated* birthday gift to you, America. Happy 231st!

*(It would have been waaaay too European to not be lazy and give you a gift on time. Sorry.)

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