The horse gone dunnit again.

In another spectacular exhibition of Irish athleticism, one medal hopeful for Ireland was caught "doping". I put the quotes around it because to me, doping is smoking weed and will never be considered rubbing my muscles with Deep Heat. And also because the hopeful was a horse and you can hardly blame him. As Bub put it:

I bet the three other horses were getting high and the Irish one just caved in to peer pressure! Think about it, poor guy. First time away from home. Hanging out with the other athletes… and I’m sure they’re all hung like horses. It can be intimidating! Easy to want to fit in and join in the doping fun.

Denis Lynch, the horse’s rider, can be blamed. He knew it was a banned substance. It says right on the container of the Equi-block "contains capsaicin – will not test positive."

Two things:
1. The people over at Equi-Block Inc need to rethink their packaging,
2. There is a warning on the label. If it says it "will not test positive" wouldn’t you wonder whether or not testing positive for capsaicin would, say, get you disqualified from an Olympic final where you were likely to get a medal?

His excuse was he didn’t know it was wrong since he has been successfully using it on the back of his horses for years now and he has never been caught tested positive before now completely ignoring the fact that he knew it was a banned substance and he knew that the cream contained it. Because, you know, it SAID SO ON THE PACKAGING.

My heart goes out to poor Ireland which still sits here in the North Atlantic gold medal-less. May Kenny Egan and Paddy Barnes each beat the hell out of their boxing opponents this afternoon. I’m hoping for at least a bloody nose from each.

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