The only thing missing is my nap mat.

I have been quiet this week only because there is nothing to write about except Harry Potter and I feel that being a huge Harry Potter fan in my mid-20’s is slightly shameful. I know everyone loves a good boy-wizard tale but there is liking the books and then there is seeing the movie on the first day it opens and waiting on line at a book store at midnight while your husband shakes and cries silently in car because he can’t believe he married a teenage girl that looks so adult. The cops will be coming for him any day.

We were lucky enough last October to have the first Borders open in Ireland. I happen to get a press-preview because of my job so my husband and I went, drank champagne, ate little finger food and drank Starbucks while perusing through the glorious American bookshop-ness. There is something just BETTER about American book stores to Irish ones. There just is. Yeah, I said it, AMERICAN MADE IS BETTER MADE (at least when it comes to book shops).

In a week the new Harry Potter book is coming out and instead of just heading into town to sit outside Easons for an hour, we’ll drive to Borders MANY hours in advance so I can make sure I can get my pre-ordered copies of the book. PRE-ORDERED. A book is actually being held for me and I still feel the need to be there before midnight to wait on a line with this century’s Star Wars Geeks (here’s looking at you, dad).

It is sad to think that before I get to pick up my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows book next Friday night I have to go to work where I usually spend the day chitchatting to my boss, talking to friends, and creating pretty pictures on my computer. In short, I’m in pre-school.

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