The parental units' Christmas list.

Do the kid's still say that? Is 'parental units' still a thing? Did I just give away my vintage? All I'll say is that one of my favourite films is "Clueless". Paul Rudd! Alicia Silverstone! Questionable fashion that I relate to! Brilliant stuff.

Parental units it is.

Anyway, today I emailed my father:

So, what do you want for Christmas? Also, what should I get mom? You both have something but I'm unimaginative. Help.

Because, genuinely, they are the two hardest people to shop for. We have picked up a few items and we wanted to pad it out, maybe with a nice book, or a framed picture, but I need ideas. There are only so many times you can get my mother a bottle of Wild Turkey and still call it a Christmas surprise.

He wrote me back a few hours later:

For dad,             For mom,                

No worries, dad. I'll just pop around the shop and pick those up. Do you think Antonio would mind wearing a bow?

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