The resurrection.

Around the time when we got home from America, Mister Man got sick again (Shocker!) and this time when he was sick he threw up. Gross, and maybe TMI, but it's what comes with the territory when you have a little person who refuses to be healthy. So, when he puked he did it on Bub this time instead of me. For a while I thought I just had a target on the front of my shirt. He would sometimes lay in wait for 30 minutes until I picked him up, gently and carefully, of course, to just have him give back his lunch. This time, though, it went all over Bub's bathrobe.

Yeah, he still wears a bathrobe. I find it sexy. Like a backwards snuggie.

Bub takes off the bathrobe, and Mister Man's clothes and puts them in a pile on the floor of the kitchen for me to throw in the washer. (Side note for the Americans: In Ireland most washing machines are in the kitchen. And are only big enough to wash a barbie sweater.) I am getting ready for work while trying to run around the house making sure Bub is prepared for a full day of a sick Mister Man. I throw the soiled clothing into the washer and leave for work. A few hours later I get this call:

Me: Hello?
Bub: We made a mistake.

Me: Why, what happened?
Bub: Oh, sorry, nothing is wrong with James. I should have lead with that.
Brain: YA, THINK?
Me: Um, yeah. So what's up?
Bub: My iPhone was in the pocket of my robe.
Brain: Fuuuuccckkkk
Me: Fuuuuccckkk.

As you can imagine, I felt awful. I should have checked the pockets before I threw the stuff in, but I was in such a rush to get out of the house and to make sure Mister Man was okay and to make sure I had underpants on that I just didn't think about it. I threw the clothes in the washer, I threw in the tablet and I put it on for a TWO HOUR CYCLE. The iPhone 3GS, something Bub is never without, whooshed around in soapy water for two hours. Unsurprisingly, it was dead when he found it. I really felt like we lost a favorite pet. Or at least a goldfish.

In my guilt I put out a tweet looking for pity and sympathy and received back this response from @ahceinaej:

@lizindublin - ugh - that sucks. Sorry it been such a sucky day! Put @bubindublin's iphone in a little bag filled with rice for a few days.

And since we had no other options, we did just that.

We wanted to display our obvious grumpiness.

Two days the iPhone sat in that mug and I had to use every ounce of willpower I had not to take it out and see if it was working. The whole idea of sticking the phone in rice just seemed so asinine to me that, even though I was willing to give it a shot, I didn't think it would work but I really, really wanted it to. I mean, it sat in the washer for two hours. That's a butt-ton of water. I'm not environmentalist or anything but our washing machine is rated, like, a V on the energy rating for electrical appliances. That's not good and the butt-ton of water is probably the reason why. Even after a drying cycle our clothes still come out soaked it's just that much water. Maybe not an ocean amount of water but definitely one of the smaller Great Lakes.

So there it sat and on Sunday we took it out of the rice and, while plugged in, it work! YAY! A few moments later, it didn't. Such disappointment! I resigned myself to the idea that I will have to buy Bub a new iPhone and forgo getting a new one for myself this summer when they inevitably come out with one. And I still own a first gen. It was a sad night.

BUT THEN! Then, after a night of charging and a few prayers (by me) to the gadget gods, the iPhone sprung to life! it turned on, it asked for passwords and pin numbers and then it opened up where every song, movie, phone number, and application sat. Oh was I excited!

There was a bit of water damage on the screen, and it maybe looked a bit fuzzy, it was there!

Now, after a few weeks, the water damage is completely gone and the iPhone only gets wonky every so often. It's a miracle; a miracle I can believe in now that I have seen it with my own eyes. An iPhone can rise again.

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