Turning 29. Again.

A birthday of mine passed just over a month ago. It was a big birthday. A number we will not mention, but, just so you know, I now use six different creams on my face every day so I can be sure that when I'm 50 I don't look 70.

Bub had been asking me for months prior what I wanted for my birthday. He knew this was a big one and he didn't want it to go overlooked. At first I wanted a Dyson handheld but look at the price of that effer. For a vacuum. A vacuum that I, technically, already own in its bigger incarnation. I decided that I didn't want an appliance for my birthday because, really, how embarrassing of a gift is that? Could you imagine the conversations at work?

Co-Worker: Good birthday?
Me: Yeah! Brilliant!
Co-Worker: And what did your lovely husband get you?
Me: A Vacuum!
Co-Worker: ...
Me: But it's a handheld one. You know. Like, portable.
Co-Worker: ...

To save everyone from this humiliation, I opted to buy jewelery instead.

Woe is me?

I have mentioned Etsy on here before and have been steadily buying since. This was the first place I turned.

Bub didn't give me a limit at first. What was he thinking? I actually had to ask him what the budget was after a week or so of browsing because I found so much (Cocktail rings a'plenty! Dangley earrings galore!). And we have a mortgage to pay. And a small mouth eating us out of house and home.

In short, I had to be reined in.

This is what has come into the post for me lately.

Autumn Ring II from EsotericaBazaar

Moons from melaniehazen

Lovely, eh?

I'd highly recommend using either one of these sellers, especially EsotericaBazaar as she helped me size my ring from across the ocean and it fits perfectly.

Oh, and I also got this.

Good birthday. I'll do another one next year.

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