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Every year I go on and on about how much I love autumn, and then autumn really comes around and all it does is rain. It’s awful. Why do I love this season so much?

My shoes are wet. Mother effer. And the train tracks were flooded on the way home. Double mother effer.

This American Life is one of the most thoughtful podcasts I have ever listened to and I’m so thankful that Lane recommended it about eight weeks ago. I have recommended it to co-workers and now it has a few more fans from Ireland.

A few days after my gushing my co-worker Jennifer said to me, “If all Europeans listened to this, we wouldn’t have such a low opinion of Americans.”

Nice work, Ira.

I have lots of feelings about the coming election, and I’m not sure if I’m up for discussing them. It’s exhausting and I’m always so afraid someone will call me, you know, European.

I know I don’t want to discuss it with my father, but seeing as we’ll be in the US the week before the election I fear that it’s inevitable.

Only 91 days until Christmas. What the hell? Every year it's the same thing: agonise and agonise over what gifts people can get for me.

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