Twice in one day? Really?

This article is from The Irish Times, 26th July. I honestly don't know if it's the guy who tried to rob me but it surely sounds like it to me; even his bail conditions from his first robberies are the same so I think it's a safe bet.

I would love to confirm this but the gards seem to have a problem calling me back. Maybe their phones at the station don't work? Or maybe they don't give a shit? Who knows!

But, Jesus Christ on a ferry boat, someone out there was robbed by this guy TWICE IN ONE DAY. It makes me wonder who is worse off? This 17 year old kid who will go to jail for being incredibly stupid, or this poor mug that was robbed TWICE by the same kid in the same day when me and another woman managed to cop-on and escaped being out 200 yoyos? I'm thinking the latter.

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Liz in Dublin