Two out of three ain't bad.

Thing I love:

1. French toast
2. Apple products
3. My mother

It’s Daffodil Day in Ireland which is a day where you get harassed on the streets and at work to donate money to the Irish Cancer Society. I do this in the form of buying yummy breakfasts and skivving off of work for 15 minutes to eat it. This year it is French toast. YUM.

I also bought an iPad 2 this morning at 5.30am.



The sad bit about this is that Bub set an alarm and got up at 1am to order it, hoping that if he got in early we wouldn’t have to wait weeks for the big arrival. We had to wait 7 months for Mister Man to show up and Apple products are like children to us. We just can’t do that again. Unfortunately, he was met with “ERROR. TRY AGAIN SUCKER.” over and over. And within minutes the wait was 2-3 weeks. So, I woke up early this morning, ordered it on my iPhone and took a shower.

My due date is the 15th of April.

Sadly, my mother left today to go back home to my dad and her life that is filled with Target Superstores, Whole Foods and Shop Rite. Color me jealous. While I still insist that variety of choice isn’t everything, I do wish I could have my pick of Combos and Snapple ice tea any day of the week.

Mama, you will be missed. Please come back soon.

Rating for today: Even though I now feel sick and have a fever for no good (or even bad) reason, two out of three ain’t bad, right?

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