Two resolutions... sort of related.

This is a conversation between me and my mother:

Me: I'm giving up coke in the new year. Mother: Please do not publish that anywhere. Me: (confused) Um... why not? I won't keep it otherwise. Mother: You should not tell people you're giving up your coke habit for 2012. Me: Well, I'm not. I'm only giving it up for three months. Mother: I think you're not getting what I'm saying. Me: Where else will I turn to help deal with the heavy withdrawal and restless nights? Mother: You know what I mean, Elizabeth. Me: I'll need the support. Giving up coke is a big deal. Mother: ... ... Me: Oh, I see what you're saying now.

I really don't understand why she doesn't find me funny.

Anyway, yes, I'm giving up coke for three months. I have a habit of choosing it over water, and I'm pretty sure it's contributing to my general lack of health. Who would ever think that drinking what is really straight sugar and colouring as something bad for you?

Shocking stuff.

I'm also promising that I will floss my teeth every morning. I find it so satisfying when I do it but I mostly just stare at the floss sitting there right next to the mirror and think how onerous it would be to lift my arms. Then I give up.

However, in 2012, I will have flossed teeth all the time. These babies will look like chiclets, and this will be aided by the lack of sugar coating my pearly whites.

See how that works?

Now, for some new years photos of Mister created with filters courtesy of some free app that everyone is downloading today to their phones.

Happy 2012, everyone.

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