I had full intended on keeping my promise and blogging more consistently last week. I even intended on using pictures and not ones of myself. I had whole posts written out that just needed some tweaking and I was going to feel like The Awesome Blogger.

And then I got a headache.

I know this sounds like a weak excuse – people all over the world have headaches every single day and you don’t hear them complaining! But, seriously, I work with some of those people and they do complain, I promise you. Also, this headache took on a life of it’s own. It took out a tent and the poles and camped out right on the left temple. It built a fire to keep warm and to keep itself fed. No matter how much I tried to get it to move off of it’s selected spot -- by means of excedrine migraine, tons of water, and coffee – it would not budge.

Thursday morning’s headache turned into Thursday night’s migraine that continued all the way until Sunday morning when I finally woke up and discovered that the migraine wanted to seek greener pastures. Maybe something with a better view and a less moan-y host? It had moved on and I enjoyed my Sunday knowing that I wouldn’t have to skip out of work again like I did on Friday so I could sit in a dark room and contemplate my angst.

However, this morning I woke up with the headache back in full force all across the front of my forehead and to both temples. It seemed the headache just went home to get his whole family so they could also experience this wonderful camp site. Multiple tents are there now along with a few fires and I think someone has set up a volleyball net all the way to the right. I’m pretty sure that’s the thump! thump! thumping! going on right above my eyebrow.

Until this headache decides to crimple someone else’s brain, I’m off of the writing duty. Don’t worry, I won’t think of anything too clever in the meantime.

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