We Finally Got a Piece of the Pie

I went shopping this weekend with a friend and all I bought was mascara. Really nice mascara, but I have to say that's a poor showing on my part. Since when do I go shopping and buy essentially nothing? Oh, that's right. Since I moved here.

I have this blockage about buying things here. I don't know the stores and the stores I do know don't have what I want. While I know in my head this isn't the truth, I just can't make sense of things when I need to make a purchase. I might come up with something I want and then say to myself, okay, where can I buy that? I think about it and usually the only answer I come up with is Argos, which is the UK/Irish equivalent of Service Merchandise. And let's be honest, you shouldn't buy a deep-dish pie pan or diamond ring (because I'm always in the market for one of those) at Service Merchandise.

Recently, we have discovered the need for packing tape, moving boxes and bubble wrap. That's right, we're moving. We're moving to the east side. Me and The Husband and George and Louise. We found an apartment that we really love and have decided to end our lease at our current place and move into a quieter area close to the Irish Sea. I'm a Pisces, we need to be near water and The Husband needs to keep me happy. Or something.

So, unless The Husband is going to carry all of our crap on his back to the new place, we need packing tape, and moving boxes and bubble wrap. Basic human needs! Sadly, I don't even know where I would pick up such items. Of course Argos carries them (because god forbid they don't carry EVERYTHING EVER MADE like this charmer), but only in little moving kits with so many big boxes, so many little ones and about a foot of packing tape. I need to pick and choose and decide - a kit is no help for me. I need CHOICE.

If I only knew Dublin better, or at least opened myself up to looking for places that are not AMAZING AND AMERICAN and instead a good Irish substitute where I don't feel like I'm getting ripped off and walk away with exactly what I need. After living here for 2+ years, I'm just not that comfortable with wandering around the city looking to find the perfect place to buy packing material or the Rio Vibro Toner Elite (actually I DO think Argos is the perfect place to buy such an item).

Good customer service wouldn't go amiss either, but I don't want to ask for too much too soon.

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Liz in Dublin