We had a pirate birthday parrrrty. There was no rum. (Sad face.)

Yesterday, Bub, my mother and I were in charge of 12 13 14 four year olds at Dublin's Childrens' Museum to celebrate Mister Man's fourth birthday. You see how that number changed there? It's because some people apparently don't know what "ARRRRSVP" means. It's pirate-speak. Who doesn't speak pirate?

That's the invite we made. I don't know where our crafti-ness came from but I enjoyed designing it, and then we had a cracking good time setting them on fire and using our first wax stamp. I now own a wax stamp. I don't even recognise myself anymore.

The party was even better than than the invite. As the old saying goes: the more, the merrier. Regardless of the bad manners of some of the parents, the kids were amazing. Not one fit was thrown; not one tear shed. They said please and thank you and most of them even ate the grapes that were given instead of the jello, lollipops, popcorn and chocolate cake. I was genuinely but pleasantly surprised by how wonderful so many four year olds can make a birthday party.

And we didn't lose even one. Best birthday ever.

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