Welcome to Life -- bring your jacket, it can get cold.

I know I complain about Ireland quite a bit but I see the place almost as a roommate who keeps leaving their socks on the floor and never washes the dishes. I adore the roommate as a person but as a roommate, Ireland sometimes sucks. The weather can be completely crap and I'm pretty sure it take an effort to run things so inefficiently. Like, how is it possible that you can spend a million on a year on storing voting machine that don't work properly? It's situations like this where you want to sit Ireland down and tell it that the rent is late and if they don't clean up after the damn dog they are out.

But, sometimes you do meet people that are completely worth all the hassle of the country. I realize that it really is a wonderful place to live because of the relationships I have made that would have never happened if I hadn't come to Ireland. My husband, whose love is bigger and more consuming than anything else I could ever imagine getting from or giving to another person. He is the main reason I moved here and if it wasn't for him, I would have moved back a long time ago. He definitely makes all of my complaining and homesickness worth it. He makes me better than I could have ever been on my own. This is apparent to everyone who have known me before this relationship. I think most know who is the better half in our relationship, even though I might let on otherwise at times.

While he would be worth living here or somewhere worse, like Canada, I have been so fortunate to have made some fantastic friends. Some are American and give me a feeling of home and some are Irish and give me a feeling of belonging. One particular friend has made such a huge impact on me because not only is she lively and fun and open, but she is also technically family and being close to her while having that family connection through marriage (for the both of us) means that we will not likely lose touch and it's a great sense of security to have her. I mean, we have dinner once a month just to get away from the boys and we never judge what the other eats -- THAT is trust.

This weekend her and her husband introduced me to someone I have been waiting a long time to meet -- their new baby girl. She is gorgeous, sweet, and I can already tell she is brilliantly smart, like her Aunt Liz. Since I'm pretty sure she has the most clothing I have never seen for a person who wasn't even born yet, she is definitely well dressed.

Congratulations, you two. And welcome little baby. I can not wait to get to know you.

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