Well that was poorly planned.

Hey, remember the other day when I said I would stick to my weight loss regime? I'd stay healthy and lose weight and basically be awesome for June and beyond?

Well, I went to my WW meeting today (like I promised) and easily gained a newborn. Not even one of those tiny newborns, either. Like, a proper, fully-grown, possibly over-due newborn.

I'm trying not to have too many feelings about this and power on.

As I sat there in the meeting, being told that I am still awesome even though I ate all the foods in Dublin over the Christmas break, I started thinking about how poorly timed my annoucement of my weightloss was. How maybe I should have waited until today to spill the beans. Also, why is it so hard to be motivated in the winter? Why is that? Why is it harder to just eat less during the colder months? It's not like I'm running outside in the chilly, wet mornings. I'm just not putting excess into my body. I was far more enthusiastic about this concept in July. But a promise is a promise, amirite?

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