We're not exactly the CIA.

I'm home with Mister today because in the middle the night he woke up with a wet bed and a fever. He had been complaining of a sore ear earlier in the day, and sure enough, after a visit to the doctor we have a confirmed ear infection. It's likely the same infection he had two weeks ago that just never went away.

This morning, before the doctor, I was trying to get myself ready while he slept on. I took a shower with the monitor on and then brought it over to my dressing table while I was drying my hair. I know he's three and so shouldn't need a video monitor at night, but we're a floor above him and it's better to be able to see him from the comfort of my bed and not have to go down the stairs in the dark, half asleep. And he doesn't realise we're watching him yet, anyway, so what's the difference? We vowed to stop by the time he was 15.

As I was drying my hair I heard him call out loudly. I turned to look at the monitor to be met with this:

I think he's onto us.

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Liz in Dublin