You must have been absent the day they taught world history.

This is my fourth 4th of July in Ireland and I think this is the first year that I really don’t miss the festivities. I had a hotdog at lunch and I feel that really is enough. Now, if someone came up to me on the street and handed me a sparkler I would probably punch him in the face and file a police report that said someone was trying to light me on fire. BUT, after that, I would take it and wave it around proudly while singing God Bless America.

Tonight I will be going out with Other Liz, her husband, Bub, and another American to the greatest American establishment of them all: TGI Fridays. I plan on partaking in some ribs, or possibly a big burger that has an American flag toothpick sticking out of the top.

What I find most surprising while living here is the amount of people from home who ask me why I am at work on the 4th of July. Not why did I come in, but WHY ARE THE OFFICES OPEN? Take this exchange:

Liz: Happy 4th!
Nameless American: You too! What are you doing today?
Liz: Oh, I’m just at work but later I’m going out to dinner with American friends, you?
Nameless American: omg, why are you at work?
Liz: Because I didn’t want to take a holiday day for it – what would I do? Sit at home alone crying into my American flag?
Nameless American: Wait, the office is open??
Liz: Did you forget I live in Ireland?
Nameless American: So they don’t close the office on holidays?
Liz: We’re not talking anymore.
Nameless American: wait, wtf?

So, my fellow Americans, your mission this day of independence is to try to not stomp all over other people’s history. The Irish, as well as most of the countries in the world, have their own independence day. They do not celebrate ours. If they did, I would be on a ski-doo with a bud in my hand. Have a wonderful 4th.

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