You've waited long enough.

I know there has been a huge lag in my postings and that's because I'm trying to be conscious that what I post isn't all baby related. Being pregnant is all-consuming and while I always said I wouldn't be one of those people who thinks about her fetus 24/7, it has been the most difficult task I have ever set for myself and I have failed miserably. If I'm not thinking about how tired, or achy I am, I am instead thinking about how awesome the baby will be, how to do the nursery, how to get Bub to make dinner, etc. Well, I have to make a post now and I'm hoping that this will get the ball rolling for more posts to come pregnancy, and non-pregnancy related.

(I should point out here that I have created another blog for all future baby related stories once the little one is born.)

We went to the get our "big scan" yesterday. It's a more detailed ultrasound so they can see all the parts of the baby and make sure everything is happy and healthy. Thankfully, our child passed with flying colors. Not only was everything where it should be, but it flipped, kicked, punched and, I swear to you, even waved at us while we watched completely fascinated for 20 minutes.

And we also found out some other wonderful news - We do not need to refer to our child as "it" anymore. This is good for a few reasons:

1. It's incredibly rude to call anyone "it".
2. I think planning is just good manners.
3. Because I could not wait any longer!

And now, neither will you. We are very happy to tell everyone that come February we will be having a very active baby boy.

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